Rest In Peace My Gunther…

The house is so empty without my Gunther, we were attached at the hip.

I rescued a cat recently and he spent all of yesterday looking for Gunther – behind doors, in cupboards, etc., and sat by the door crying waiting for him to come in.

They didn’t get along, but I guess Kramer couldn’t figure out where Gunther was. Just that the place was empty without Gunther. That is the effect Gunther had on other animals.

Yes, he was my angel. We bonded right away and stayed bonded until the end. As one of my friends posted on FB – our Walter was waiting for him on the
other side, I hope so as they were so close. He went everywhere with Walter. The A&W here now call their hamburger patties ‘Puppy Patties” as Walter used to buy him one when he went for coffee and Gunther was waiting for him in the car.

We gave Gunther a wonderful life. He was the best dog – I often asked him “Who are You?” as he was so in tune with our feelings. He understood everything we said and always had a question mark over his head wondering what we were going to do next. We walked about 2 kms. a day so he was well exercised, as I was. I can’t understand why he had to suffer with cancer after all the suffering he had endured at the beginning of his life. Only God knows.

My daughter Sandi had to take him for me to the final vet visit as I couldn’t stop blithering. I knew he would be upset to see me cry and know something was happening. If I just said “ouch” he was there to see what was wrong.

He loved Sandi as well. He was so loved by everyone, even the Vet was crying. I did sleep better with him on the end of my bed. We did a lot to accommodate him – bought a king-size bed, a black leather couch JUST for him, and a house for us all to live in, as no one would rent to us with a dog!

Gunther was well loved and is missed so much.

Nola xxoo


I would like to thank everyone who sent comforting words of condolences to me on the passing of my boy, Gunther. It was so heartwarming to see the kindness that was being shared by so many who also love and have loved their furry friends.

Although I have had many furry friends over the years, Gunther was a very special boy who came into my life after I had suffered loss of a loved one, and was with me through the loss of another, to whom Gunther had been very attached.

We bonded even more after the loss of his “Grandpa” and went everywhere and did everything together. It is a huge loss for me to lose Gunther. I had hoped he would be with me for many more years to come. He suffered terribly in his younger days being found in a ditch in the middle of winter near death naked with the Mange.

Thank you to Gerdy’s Rescue, who gave him a chance at life, he went on to live a wonderful life with my husband and I. He was loved by everyone who met him and he loved everyone he met. He loved to be a part of a group hug. He didn’t deserve to get the cancer that took him.

I have had some people tell me that dogs don’t go to heaven. If that is the case, then I want to go where they are.

Thank you once again for your kindness.


Nola Race-Treherne