Gwen is an exceptionally stunning American Eskimo mix. She weighs about 20 pounds and is approximately 6 years old (but a puppy at heart). She is in perfect health, sterilized, and up to date on her shots. She is housebroken and can be left on her own for 6-8 hours (work day).

Gwen is a fun, loving, goofy dog. She’s always in a good mood and wags her tail endlessly. She’s got a ton of energy and is looking for humans that will help her experience new fun things.
Gwen’s favorite things include long walks, chewing on bones, learning new tricks (and the treats given to her in the process), squirrel-chasing, sock-stealing, but also relaxing on the couch watching tv.

Due to unfortunate past of abuse and neglect, Gwen can be anxious and fearful of strangers and other dogs. She is touch sensitive, and doesn’t like to be caught off guard. Thankfully she is young, expressive, and very receptive to training. In 3 short months in her foster home she has made tons of progress and became much more trusting and loving. She even actively seeks to be petted by her foster parents.

Gwen needs a dog-experienced human with the time and patience to teach her new tricks, teach her how to play, and work on her anxiety. Although she currently lives with an older dog and a cat, she should be the only pet in the house. No kids, as she can be unpredictable in stressful situations.