HENRI here, I am 10.5 years old now and was recently brought to a city pound for a second time for bad behaviour. Last time was when I was 4. You see, I am beyond adorable, and smart and I really do love people. I equally love playing and running and spending time in nature where I sniff everything in sight! I do not love to be touched, but can thrive in an environment where people respect my boundaries and can manage me. I play well with other dogs but not with cats. One of me will be enough in your household. I am active and love and need to do lots of exercise, we can take long walks, run or play ball in your yard.There is not a great demand for me because I resource guard and must live with people who have had experience with this behaviour. I can obsess over things that I consider of value, like my food bowl, a toy, a stick or a toilet paper. I can protect my people and can even claim ownership of a spot on the sofa. I get startled when woken up from a deep sleep, and don’t do well with sudden movements. Gerdy’s will take me on as one of theirs if someone comes forward willing to put in the work with me (the rescue will take care of a trainer) and to maintain a structure within which we can live in harmony. Not an easy ask I know but maybe this time in my senior years things will be different.

I am a bit overweight at 33 lbs., I am vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and have had a full dental.Adult home only. No other pets.

Please inquire at: info@gerdysrescue.org

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.