Over the Rainbow Bridge Hershey now resides. He loved his soccer ball, he loved to sleep in bed and cuddle. He loved cheese and he loved my socks, a lifelong passion. Amongst chocolate labs, there were none more chocolatey than he.

He and Buddy our Westie were inseparable. Like the Odd Couple of TV’s yesteryear, they played and they grumped together.

They were inseparable and now only Buddy remains who accompanies me to the office at age 16, still going strong in spite of being almost blind and almost deaf. Buddy misses his pal.

Hershey and I started our life together at Baker’s animal hospital in 2005. He was a rescue dog from Gerdy’s and was a ball of chocolate energy.

Profound gratitude for all that Hershey brought into our lives. You big chocolate bundle.

You’re free Hershey!
Fly high… fly free…

I’ll see you on the other side one day my boy. Soccer ball in hand. That will be me!

Until then, Thank you Hershey . Love you Hershey.

John Glenn and Family

Note from Gerdy’s Rescues:

Hershey (AKA Bailey) had the distinction of being Gerdy’s fastest adoption ever, when in 2005, he was adopted from Baker’s Animal Hospital within 15 minutes of his arrival for adoption!

He lived joyfully and cherished until his passing March 11, 2017, head on John’s lap like a child sleeps, at peace surrounded by love.