This handsome and super smart Springer has a repertoire of tricks up his “sleeve”, a disdain for squirrels, ducks and birds and a penchant for classical music. He can be easy and fun-loving but is not without a few quirks! 

Horacio (Hora for short) likes little dogs, but is fearful of big ones. He likes to be petted on his head but not on his belly. He doesn’t like vet visits, but loves a reassuring hand when he is there. He protects his “favourite places”especially his spot on the sofa, but not his toys or his food bowl. He prefers women to men (he lived in a household full of women). He hates when his people leave and goes berserk, in a good way, on their return. He loves a high-quality dog food, but he also loves garbage. He is a lover and a cuddler, but only when he is in the mood.

Sadly, Horacio’s family is leaving the country and cannot take him with them. He is 5 + years old and set in his ways. The transition to a new home will be hard on him.

The best future for Horacio will be with an adult family experienced with challenging dogs. He will need active people who are a match for his energy—people who hike, run, walk, and love the outdoors. He has never been left alone and can be vocal when his people are gone too long, so a house vs. apartment, duplex or condo is imperative.

Horacio is housetrained, neutered and up to date on his vaccines. He weighs 45 lbs.

If you do not match the requirements for Horacio’s adoption, please do not apply!

-experienced with challenging dogs

-no children

-no dogs in the home; no cats

-no apartments, condos or duplexes

-a fenced backyard, he is a bird and squirrel chaser

-no swimming pools unless separately and securely fenced

 someone who works from home or someone at home a good part of the day

Due to the large volume of emails we receive, only those candidates that match his profile will be responded to. 

Inquire about Horacio at: info@gerdysrescue.org