Hunter’s owners had no money to take him to a vet after he was hit by a car and, hoping that he would recover on his own, they waited three weeks to surrender him to a local shelter.Gerdy’s had him seen by a surgeon immediately for a consult, x-rays and painkillers. Both his femurs have fractures and the bone fragments had already begun fusing making surgery risky at this point. The medical team hopes that if the calcification and fusion of the bone fragments continue, he may heal and be able to live a happy, calm, long life without radical surgery. He will be re-examined and x-rayed every few weeks to reassess the progress.

Hunter is a very young, sweet and affectionate gentle giant. He will need cage rest with very short outings per day to do his business and stretch his legs, for the next 4 weeks. For now in and out of the house will require the help of a sling under his belly so that his femur bones have the time to heal. With time he will gradually increase activity and even be a candidate for physio and/or hydra therapy. Hunter weighs 90 lbs. and is approx. 1 year old.

We know this is a lot to ask, but for the love of animals…help us to help Hunter. Become his person!

Requirements:A house vs an apartment, no stairs to outside. No young children as Hunter requires rest. Place for a large cage near access to the outdoors. A presence in the home (work from home, retired, etc.). If any other pets must be quiet or be able to be separated from Hunter’s cage area.

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