Jagger came to our home on August 8th, 2022 as a temporary Foster. We loved him so much and he fit in so well, that we officially adopted him on October 2nd. 
Aside from totally devoted new-to-him “pawrents”, Jagger now also has a new fur brother named Keeva, who is only 7 months younger. His family also includes 2 older human brothers, sister-in-laws and 3 young nieces.  
Jagger came to our home overweight, in need of a good grooming and had a few other minor ailments that were all quickly addressed. He has been receiving daily exercise and along with a modified diet, has gotten his weight down to what it should be. 
Still has a bit of a learning curve in terms of playing ball or fetch, and learning to share with his brother. 
He loves being outside, and becomes super excited when we’re getting ready to go out for daily walks. He runs in the woods hangs out at the park and always wants to play with any dog he sees. He goes on car rides, and visits all kinds of places as we tend to take our dogs everywhere. 
He is such a happy boy now, just loves being with everyone and is simply enjoying life to the fullest. 
An immense thank you to Gerdy’s, and more specifically to Marilyn, for allowing us the honour of having Jagger become part of our family. 
Feel free to check out his antics on Instagram: @keevadoodle

~ Fran├žois and Jodie