Kaylie was too heavy a medical case for a local shelter where she was surrendered. Her history revealed that she had difficulty breathing since she was a pup, prohibiting her from any exertion. So, for six years Kaylie was unable to walk, run, play and be a normal dog. She would get so winded at times that she turned blue.

Kaylie is a beautiful animal inside and out. She is kind and gentle and puts a smile on the face of everyone she meets.

Gerdy’s came to the rescue and arranged for her to see a specialist for any hope that at this age her problem could be corrected. Being a Pug, she had Brachycephalic airway syndrome and what could have been a routine nasal and soft palate surgery, instead,because of other trachea and larynx issues, became risky. The surgeon, Gerdy’s and Kaylie’s marvellous foster parents, agreed that Kaylie deserved a chance.

We are here to tell the tale and the happy ending-Kaylie made it through is enjoying walks with her Pug brother Woody AND her foster parents adopted her!!!