The New Adventures of Lady the Grey 

Our Lady met us last September 17th. It was love at first sight. Although she did not understand why we were taking her to a new kingdom, this sweet and gentle soul immediately bonded with her new family.  

Shy and timid at first, finicky about her diet, she requested nothing more than lots of cuddles and love while we finally understood what meals her majesty should be served. 

Our Lady loves to run in her backyard and sometimes even agrees to play ball with her subjects. Nothing pleases her more than long daily walks around her kingdom. In early days, although she felt very frustrated to have to share her domain with strange humans and other dogs she met on her path, with patience and understanding she agreed to learn the rules of her new world and to appreciate the joys of meeting new people and making friends. 

Our majesty loves to travel in her carriage (car) and to explore the world around her. It is a joy to take her everywhere we go.  

Sweet, kind, gentle and loving, Lady is the perfect companion for us and our entire family. We could not imagine our life without her. 

Last October 2nd, we were honoured when our Lady the Grey officially agreed to adopt us!

Special thanks to Marilyn and to Gerdy’s for creating the perfect match by giving us the opportunity and the joy to bring Lady into our life and to create such a beautiful new love story. 

~Carole and Mike