Meet Maddie ❤️ The unique dog that has changed me and my husbands life in a big positive way with her big personality. We adopted her in January 2018 after seeing that she needed help and got along with cats. We fell in love immediately with her big brown eyes and her unique stature. She came to visit and even gave my hubby a kiss on the cheek to seal the deal! It has been love ever since! But, like any relationship, you have to work at it. We never gave up on Maddie even though it was tough at the beginning. She had been operated on her knees and after being neutered, had her spleen removed. As if she hadn’t been through enough with all these surgeries, she was in and out of many settings before finding us. At the beginning she would not let us pet her in certain places and would demonstrate aggressive behavior. We were worried she was in pain or we would not be a good match to care for her special needs. We worked very hard and received alot of support from Gerdys and our local veterinarian. We also learned to understand Maddie. She is the most vocal dog I have ever met- and I don’t mean barking! Sighs, grunts, growls, howls, snorts … and that’s just the beginning! If Maddie began to speak fluently one morning we would not be shocked in the least! We learned to maintain a stable routine and provide Maddie with a special diet, adapted exercises and massage routine to maximize her quality of life. Although we have no idea how old she is, we are privileged to count her as an important part of our family and intend on ensuring she enjoys every moment of her life with us for whatever time is left. We did not give up on her, and she has shown us so much love and affection in return. Maddie enjoys cartoons, cuddles, several short walks a day in the woods, stuffed animals, soft cozy blankets, massages, playing ball and hide and seek. She hates squirrels with a passion and guards our hen house from them and other animals venomously. She also eats flies and bees if they come too close to her or her family. She is extremely intelligent and will open the curtains with her teeth to wake you up in the morning! Yes, we love her more than anything and wouldn’t change her for any other pup! Here are some pics of our special girl- thank you Gerdys ❤️