Maui has stolen our hearts,❣️❣️❣️ Surrendered to our rescue after only two weeks with her new family, Maui’s mom was highly allergic to her and had no choice but to re-home her. She is sweet, well-mannered, a quick learner and will make a great pet in almost any home.

Only 12.5 lbs right now, we expect Maui to reach 45-50 lbs. when fully grown. If you are active, like hiking, snow-shoeing and rigorous walks, Maui’s breed mix predisposes her to an active, sporty life.

Maui loves all people and is currently being socialized with all kinds of dogs. So far, she loves car rides, her toys and is looking for belly rubs. Still young, she is nipping, is a bit mouthy and chews on her leash. A commitment to puppy classes and obedience training will be a firm requirement for her adoption, so that she can reach her full potential.

Maui is almost house trained, loves to sleep in her crate and is getting used to being alone in short increments. She has met a cat and is super curious but we don’t know how she will fare long-term.

We are looking for a young, active family. Kids 12+. A home with a securely fenced yard, no swimming pools unless completely fenced separately. Some experience in training a larger breed puppy. Maui will be fully vaccinated at the time of adoption, is microchipped and will be spayed at 6 months covered by Gerdy’s.

We will only reply to those candidates whom we feel are the right match for Maui. Please read before applying.

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