We had to say good bye to Mouse, this past November 2016. We adopted him in June 2007. He was a long time on your adoption list and that is because he was waiting for us.. we were the perfect fit.

He was the first member of our growing family and we truly could have not asked for a better companion for our children and ourselves. He was ever so patient with the ear tugging and tailing pulling of our children.

Loyal, waiting by the backyard fence door when I came home from work, he was my first greeter. Mischievous, always in the kitchen at supper time waiting for that scrap of meat or cheese.

He loved us and we loved him right back, heart to heart. We are ever so grateful to you for keeping him and letting him come home with us. We will truly miss him and we will always remember him.

With our sincerest gratitude,

the Hozjan family