Nala has been a permanent fixture on our “dogs for adoption” page for over a year. Throughout the year she has been happy and loved in her foster home while waiting for the right match to show up. Sadly, there hasn’t been one and now the time has come where her foster mom can no longer keep her and 14-year-old Nala urgently needs an end-of-life family.

Originally dumped at a local shelter by her owner of seven years, Nala struggled with the abandonment and developed some health issues. Since transferred to Gerdy’s a year ago, most medical issues have been addressed and she is a pretty healthy senior girl.

The good stuff about Nala is that once comfortable in her new environment she is a major cuddler. She is adorably cute and entertaining. She loves cats and they adore her, dogs not so much BUT recently she has made friends with some dogs that she gets to see regularly. She is still a curious girl, eager to learn and to experience new things and is highly treat motivated.  Despite her age, Nala is a very playful and dynamic dog. She still has the energy for long walks and loves to be outside.

Nala has a few challenges, like being left alone for too long; she is insecure when her family is not around and can be vocal. The foster family recently discovered that her hearing and eyesight are compromised so Nala has to be approached delicately to avoid a startled reaction. She is never aggressive, simply protective when taken by surprise. She loves being petted but on her terms. She has to be let outside very often (minimum every 3-4 hours) and if she can’t get out, she can have accidents in the house. She hates being groomed.

Nala is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She weighs approx. 19 lbs.

Firm requirements:

  • A calm, patient and experienced family who shares the rescue mindset. No young children SVP.
  • A house with a secure fenced yard No pools.
  • Adopter with a flexible or work-from-home schedule
  • No dogs
  • A cat or two would be great

Due to the large volume of emails we receive, only those candidates that match her profile will be responded to. 

If you are interested in Nala and fit the requirements please CONTACT US by email:

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.