This super cute pair are Yorkies mixed with Powder Puffs, seized from a backyard breeder. Both are approximately 9 months old and they are both small at only 6+ lbs.

Nora is feisty, super affectionate and a treat monger. Elle is Nora’s shadow and looks up to her as protector and mentor. They love cuddles and a human presence, but can be unsure at first when meeting new people and in new circumstances. Very active, they love to frolic and wrestle with each other and with their foster siblings.

Harbouring many of the characteristics of puppy mill dogs, the two could be flight risks and need an experienced and patient family who will allow them the time to become normally socialized and to keep them safe until they have bonded with their humans.

They are sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped.

FIRM REQUIREMENTS: Experience with timid dogs. No condos or apartments, children 14+, a securely fenced yard, swimming pools only if fenced separately, someone home a good part of the day. A cat OK if used to dogs. Must consider taking the pair.

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.