Ollie and Ivy come as a pair, although different ages (9 and 11) and adopted at different times, they are similar in every way and are “attached at the hip”. Both are snuggly, sociable, friendly and affectionate but of course being chihuahuas they may be a bit nervous for the first few minutes when meeting new people. They are used to children and can live with dog savvy ones. They don’t particularly care for other dogs they meet on the street and they may give them the side-eye, but that’s as intolerant as they get. They are besties who are really only interested in each other.Ollie and Ivy love their walks but if they stick their noses out the door and it’s cold, wet, or snowy then forget about it, they are staying inside. They don’t require a ton of exercise and will use pee pads on those unfavorable days. They think car rides are fun. They are OK being left alone for a few hours and love to snuggle together in their crate. Barkers? Not really, only when someone is at the door. They eat soft food, Ollie has no teeth and after her dental Ivy may have few left. If you are still reading then you are amazed at how perfect a pair these Chis are. Easy peasy, lovable little bugs.

They are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, housetrained, crate trained. Ollie is a male and 9, Ivy the female is 11.

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