Onyx is a superstar! Most often found with a ball in his mouth, he is playful, athletic, easy-going, affectionate, and smart. Onyx is ready for a dynamic family who can keep him busy as well as schedule cuddle time with him on the sofa. 

Another young, active small dog to run zoomies with in your fenced back yard would make Onyx very happy. Neighbourhood walks for sniffing and socializing are also high on his wish list. Treat-motivated, he is a quick learner and loves the stimulation of training time.

Onyx is just two years old and weighs 8.5 lbs. He is vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and almost 100% housetrained. He does well with most dogs that he meets, is too excited around cats to live with them and we feel comfortable about placing him with children 10 plus.

You must have some previous dog experience, a flexible schedule (maximum of 4 hours away), a house (NO CONDOS OR APARTMENTS), a secure fenced yard, if a swimming pool it must be securely and separately fenced. No young children or cats.

Please read the requirements and if you do not fill all of them, please do not apply.

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