Oslo came into our life on July 10th 2020 as an unexpected rescue. Oslo was seen trying to dig something out of the ground and we stopped what we were doing and started feeding him. Right off the bat, he allowed us to pet him and we were able to put him in a carrier right away and setup his rehabilitation room in our basement. We rapidly gained his trust and bonded almost instantly. 

We noticed that he was breathing rapidly but thought nothing of it as he would play, eat and do all the usual mischievous kitten activities. He showed everyone an abundance of love and loved every minute of his life. He would purr for hours and only requested that we give him some belly rubs and kisses. 

On July 27th, we rushed Oslo to the vet because our intuition told us something was off with his breathing and he was diagnosed with PDA. The vets told us, we needed to operate this little kitten right away if he wanted a fighting chance at life. We then contacted Gerdy to help us through this difficult time as the cost of surgery wasn’t within our means but we wanted to give everything we could for our Oslo. On July 28th, the operation was completed and was a success but our little Oslo wouldn’t wake up from his post-operation sleep. He had fought a long and difficult battle and unfortunately, he would never wake up from sleep. 

We would like to thank Gerdy and her team,  forever grateful, lots of love

~ Jesse & Chelsea