We are sure that there is a mistake in his intake file which has Ozzy as a 14-15 year old (Morkie). However, his energy, excitement, curiosity and demeanour scream 9 or 10. Oz is a “no muss, no fuss” kinda guy who seamlessly adapted to the routine in his foster home.

Oz is a gentleman with his canine foster siblings and polite to dogs he meets on walks. We know for sure that he lived with older children and 2 cats and pleasantly greets the cats he meets outdoors. Oz is Mr. Manners around food; he is currently being “free fed” with his foster bros. and quietly helps himself to the chow when he is hungry.When it’s time for him to go out he will vocalize with little whimpers to let you know. Although independent, he readily accepts being picked up for smooches and cuddles. Curious and smart, he loves his outings on foot and in the car, and is always up for a new adventure. He is hard of hearing–almost deaf–but doesn’t miss a trick as all of his other senses are super heightened.

Ozzy weighs approximately 12 lbs. is housetrained, good with cats and dogs. Kids 10+. 

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