Cute-as-a-button Pepper would settle in happily with a family with time on their hands. Curling up on the sofa with you, or hanging out on your lap are her top priorities. This chubette has been overfed and under exercised and is now in boot camp mode to knock off a few lbs. Pepper is not used to leash walks so until she gets used to the leash, the street and noises, a securely fenced garden to walk and play in (read workout in) is essential.

She has co-habitated with another dog since she was young and at her foster home she seems comfortable with the other dogs, especially the other chihuahua look-a-like. We think that Pepper would like the comfort of another, small older dog in the house.

Pepper prefers women to men, although she has been found spooning with her foster dad. Since she has no history with children, adults only s.v.p. Pepper has never met a cat, so no cats. We are told that she can be a barker and therefore is not available for apartment/condo living. A family experienced with a shy/timid dog is required.

Pepper is 9 years old, 12.5 lbs., vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.

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