Take a look at Pretty’s smile. It’s an accurate picture of the happy dog that she is. This easy-going girl doesn’t ask for or need very much. People to kiss, blankets to roll in and a few doggy beds and toys around the house and she’s good to go. Pretty loves every human she has ever met, is good with small breed dogs and cats but picks and chooses her larger dog friends. She is super treat motivated, needs a few short walks a day, and is still happy to play ball in short stints. At 9.5 years old Pretty is in amazing shape!

She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, has had a recent dental cleaning and is protected for heartworm and Lyme disease. She is medium size and weighs approximately 50 lbs. Pretty loves to be outdoors and would so appreciate a fenced-in yard to loll around in, as she has lived in an apartment most of her life. She can live with a dog-friendly cat and probably with a confident smaller dog. Since we have no history with young kids, they must be 12 plus.

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