McKenzie, crossed the rainbow bridge on April 27, 2024 a little after 5 pm. He showed little or no indication of an illness in the weeks or days prior to his passing. In the past week or 10 days he might not eat all his kibble but did eat all his protein and vegetables. McKenzie had lost half his teeth so I would soften his kibble with a little warm water. I still think he swolled them whole. He loved his walks, he was the first one to the front door when he saw us put our shoes on and take out his harness and leash. On that morning he did wait for his walk, when we got to the street he stopped, he didn’t want to go any farther, unusual. We turned around and went back. The rest of the day he whimpered often. I thought he wanted out. He didn’t so I just petted him, tickled his belly. Dinner time is between 5 and 6, I prepared their dinner and called for McKenzie. He didn’t come. I looked for him and at first did not find him. Found him under a table in a room we rarely use. Picked him up, carried him to his dinner, put him down. He collapsed on the floor, did not eat. I picked him up, held him while I called a vet. While on hold for the vet, he passed in my arms.

During Debra’s illness he spent all of his days on her bed. I had built steps so that he could climb onto her bed on his own. After Debra’s passing he slept on the floor beside me. He would lick my toes when I got up in the morning, anxious for his walk and his breakfast. He loved his little squeeky toys and he made sure that only he was allowed to touch them.McKenzie is our second pet to die in the house. Can’t say it is easier that I did not have to take the decision to end his life. Perhaps he just wanted to be with Debra.

~Ed O.