Riley is the poster boy for large breed puppies. This dream puppy is gentle, a goofball and a joy to have around. He is 7 months old and growing fast, weighs approximately 67 lbs., but has delusions that he is still the size of a lap dog. He adores people and the belly rubs that they provide.

Riley is super-well socialized with other dogs, and is up for play and activity anytime someone is game. He loves to follow the older dog in the foster home around, but is equally comfortable with the little dogs. He is very energetic, loves long walks and horsing around in the yard, but also loves passing out on the sofa. Ideally Riley would thrive with a dog his size to play with and a house and garden with lots of space.

This big boy is smart, learns quickly, is food motivated and will do anything you ask, for a treat of course. Riley would benefit from puppy classes and from a family who has previous experience with large breed dogs.

Riley is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. He will most likely weigh 85+ lbs. when full grown. No apartments or condos. Pools must have separate fencing. Secure yards must have high fences (6 ft.). Children 10+. No cats.

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