Meet RIPLEY, a 10 week old chocolate Labradoodle x.

Goofy, with enormous paws and chockfull of all of the wonderful things a puppy has to offer. Young and innocent Ripley is a tabula rasa, ready to mould into a perfect dog if you and your family are willing to put in the time and effort to ensure that he can become a stellar adult. Previous experience raising a large breed pup or a willingness to partake in puppy obedience classes is essential. RIPLEY will need continued work on his housetraining, socialisation, leash walking and basic commands.

You must be active as he will become a big boy requiring exercise. A significant human presence in the house, a securely fenced yard and an already fenced pool, if one, are essential. Another young, medium to large breed dog might be a good mentor for him, but that will mean two large dogs to walk together which can be a challenge.

Think carefully about the long-term commitment before applying at: