Rosie is an adorable Chihuahua. Brought in from Mexico by a good Samaritan, she is currently living in a home with 3 cats and she has too much competition vying for the owner’s lap and the one-on-one human attention she craves. Between you and me, Rosie might be a cat in a dog’s body. She is an expert at cuddler and lap dog who prefers an indoor life to the outdoors. After all this gal hails from the south and since arriving in Montreal a month ago she is hardly impressed with the snow and tundra. The worst part is that she is living in a hi-rise downtown and getting out for a quick pee is a monstrous undertaking (a coat, boots) so she can’t help but have accidents. She would do so much better in a home with easy and frequent access to a backyard or terrace. Another resident dog would help on guiding her through the ins and outs of doing her business outdoors in a backyard or on a terrace where she can pee and poop in peace.

This is a happy girl who loves all humans and is gentle with cats. She loves being groomed, keeps busy with goodies on her licky mat and enjoys her sleeps in a cozy bed in her crate. She is unsure of random dogs she meets on the street but has lived with dogs and would probably do well with a confident dog her speed and size.

Rosie is 4 years old years, weighs 8 lbs., is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and is having a full dental. One cat ok, an independent secure small dog ok. Kids 10+. A house with easy access to a outdoors to perfect her housetraining.

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