Sam finds himself looking for a home at 5 years old. You see Sam is a wonderful specimen of a GSD in every way, but little children make him anxious and he doesn’t appreciate their erratic antics. His owner, since he is a pup, is having a baby and wants him gone before the baby arrives. A majestic beauty, a poster boy for the breed, Sam is a big boy at 100 graceful lbs. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and housetrained.

Here are the facts about Sam:

PROS (lots of them) He loves other dogs to play with but should be the one and only. He is very calm in the house. Activity level is medium. Has never destroyed anything in the house. Loves people. Loves car rides, even long ones. Walks very well on a leash with an easy walk harness. Knows all the basic commands (sit, down, paw, stay). Likes to be brushed. Very affectionate. Clean, no mess in the house. Stays close to his humans.

CONS (barely any) Anxious around young children.Barks for a minute when someone knocks on the door (that’s his job)..Will help himself to the garbage if YOU leave the can open.Likes to steal toilet paper rolls from time to time (which dog doesn’t?). Not a fan of cats. When he meets a new person he checks them out for a minute and then moves on.

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