From the first moment we met Sammy (aka Sergeant), I knew immediately that he would be the perfect fit for us and our 6 year old cat, Eddie. Sammy was shy and timid, but you could see in his eyes that he was the most kind and loving soul. His life started off on the streets and even though it was very hard at that time, it did not harden his heart. He is still very timid, but every day he is getting braver and braver. He loves to give us head butts and loves his neck rubbed.  He quickly won the heart of his new brother, Eddie. They play together all the time. We discovered that Sammy is a tree dweller so he is taking full advantage of all 4 cat trees in our home. A huge thank you to Gerdy’s Rescue (especially Bev A.) for finding Sammy for us.

~ Tracy S.