This beautiful girl nine year old came into our lives in July 2014. At the time we were looking for a somewhat younger dog but when we made eye contact with Shannon it was game over, she was ours for keeps. I remember how happy she was when we got her home and taking her for the first of many walks on the trails in Presqu’ile Park.

She was running and jumping through the long grass as though she didn’t have a care in the world, so different from when we first met her, it brought tears to our eyes. We walked those trails together just about every day for the whole time we had her, never on the leash, her tail always wagging and never straying more than a few feet away. She became my constant company, each of us deriving so much joy from each other.

Sadly, Shannon was diagnosed with kidney failure in July 2016 and given two months to live, we were absolutely devastated but she never complained. With a special diet, her daily walks in the park and lots of love and cuddles we kept her with us an extra nine precious months.

What a wonderful girl she was and how lucky we were to meet her when we did. Sadly, Shannon passed away 4th March 2017 and took a huge chunk of our hearts with her. We can never thank you enough Gerdy, this wonderful gift called Shannon that brought so much love and joy to our lives.

Thank you from Sheila & Tony Bright