Hi Gerdy & friends!
Simon here! You probably remember me as Goliath but my mom only uses that name when I’ve managed to sneak some human food. It goes something like this : ” SIMON. GOLIATH. BALDRY.”

Anyhoo, it’s been almost 4 years ago that you helped to find this family for me. They are so awesome and although it took me a while to feel 100% comfortable with everyone in the family, I love everyone to bits!!!! 

The family even moved last year and took me with them! That was when I knew for sure that I was a part of this family. I am so much more relaxed now. I only bark when I’m excited or if my human brother is spent too much time with MY mom! My mom is super special. She takes me on walks every day! I used to pull or bark a lot when I saw other dogs but they don’t bother me now because I get treats if I see other dogs and don’t react to them. I’m really good at it now. 
My illness has even stabilized and I’m not peeing around the house as much as I was before.

I turned 13 this year (or at least that’s what everyone thinks!) but I’m still as active as ever. Nothing can stop me flying when I’m on a zoomer! Just make sure you’re out of the way! My favourite time of the day is eating time! I’ve attached a collage photo with one photo of me for every summer I’ve been here.

Thanks again for finding me this family, I love them so much!

Love always,