Young, active, smart, bored Theo needs a new family/companion who is willing to invest the time and energy necessary to show him how to be the best version of himself. Theo is a gorgeous 5-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog /Sheltie X who has the typical traits of a working dog who need physical and mental activity to channel their energy. Consultation with a professional, joining a working dog club, signing up for agility classes or simply being creative with games and toys for mental stimulation would be super beneficial for Theo. He has enormous potential but has become under-stimulated and frustrated as his needs are not being met. 

Theo is calm, super affectionate, cuddly and loyal with his family members, but can be uneasy with visitors and new circumstances and can express his uneasiness vocally. We think that he would be best off in an adult family. He likes dogs and could benefit from doggie friends to romp with at the dog park, but would best as the one and only pet in the home.

Theo is in good health albeit a bit chunky and needs more exercise to lose some weight; he is neutered, microchipped and his vaccines are up to date. He is house trained, can stay alone for part of the day and is comforted in the safety of his bed. As he I can be quite vocal— no apartments or condos.A detached house with a large securely fenced backyard is essential. If pool must have a secured fence.

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.