This was taken in 2015, Toby in the prime of his life. We adopted him from Gerdy’s Rescues in Nov. 2010. At age 2, he came close to being put down at the SPCA. Thankfully he was rescued by Gerdy’s Rescues. We found Toby’s story on their adoption website. Toby had to learn to trust people again. It was obvious that he had experienced abuse; however, with lots of love and patience he became our most beloved family dog ever. This past October 2020 we had to say good-bye to our beloved friend. He was diagnosed (too late) with melanoma in his eyes and tumors were already in his lungs. We will never forget this loving, loyal friend.
Our debt of thanks to Gerdy’s Rescues & Adoptions, and to Marilyn his dear groomer, and thank you Averil Robinson for always having good advice for us and in the end, to provide the cremation service in such a special way.

~ Rolf & Johanna