Puppy Toby, now 8 months old, charms the pants off everyone he meets: humans of all ages and friendly dogs. This poster boy for his breed will be a great addition to almost any family. He is a little spitfire and an easy contender for a zoomies competition. He especially loves belly rubs, food and play time. When he’s had enough running and fetching, he settles down stretched out for quiet time in his crate.

Toby is working hard on his leash training and honing his basic obedience. He expresses himself vocally when he wants to engage you in play or when the doorbell rings. A house with a secure outdoor space for cutting loose (no condos or apartments) and with minimal stairs (a universal requirement for this breed) are mandatory.

His best life will include another young, active, small breed dog and people with flexible schedules or working from home. Toby is housetrained, microchipped and neutered and when fully grown will weigh approx. 15 lbs. Children 8+

Inquire at: info@gerdysrescue.org

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