Thank you Marilyn and Gerdy for bringing Trooper into our lives. While we were only supposed to foster him while his foster family went away for the week, after about 24 hours with him we knew we could never give him back. Adopting a senior dog is no easy feat, the love and devotion you have for each other grows at rapid speed making up for all your lost time together, all the while knowing your time is limited.
With Trooper he became my baby instantly, he was my shadow, confidant and best friend. He gave me all his love during the day and at night would snuggle my husband. Anyone who met him couldn’t help but smile, he was a silly looking dog with a vibrant personality. 
We were told he would do well in a house with kids 14+, but he loved babies more than anything. He adored our babies and they became his, falling into his big brother role effortlessly.
Our lives are forever better for having him and not a day goes by where we will not think about him or miss him.
We cannot wait to see you again piggy 🌈

~Lauren and Rob