Our little princess has come a long way since arriving as a very anxious dog into our home as a foster this past April.

We knew there was a wonder dog behind all that anxiety. We fell in love with her and felt she would a perfect fit for our family. So she became a foster fail! 

It took time and patience to allow her to decompress at her own pace. Although she is still afraid of other dogs and strangers, I feel this can change with time.

Truffle loves her sister Tiramisù, snuggles, sleeping with her humans and shopping! 

She took her first trip and did amazingly well with a little help from a veterinarian prescribed ‘chill pill’ for the flights. 

Thank you so much to Gerdy’s for our precious little fur baby, I know you are all hard working volunteers who bring puppy love into so many families.

Wishing all the best!
~Margaret and Truffle