A casualty of divorce, long work hours, and a move to a small apartment have forced Walter to be another homeless Doodle. If looks could kill, Walter’s gorgeousness would have him in jail by now. In a caring foster home, we have gotten to love him and to identify his needs really well.
Walter is super affectionate and lovely to have around. He is a wonderful companion to hang out with, to go on car rides or to accompany his active people on their outdoor activities year-round. He is uber playful, loves his toys and is “up” for an endless game of fetch. He is well-mannered on leash and great with other dogs who match his energy and his gentle temperament.
He is cool to be left alone for a few hours and would benefit from midday outings with people who work from home. He is smart, loves to learn and enjoys and has benefited from force-free training. We feel that he would do best as the one and only in the household as he prefers not to share his humans’ attention. Playdates with friends, neighbours or family members’ dogs would be welcome. An ideal environment for Walter would be in a quiet, suburban setting.

He is a sensitive boy and too many new people, places and changes in his routine can be overwhelming for him. Walter will need someone patient who willing to take it slow and give him time and space to adjust and to trust that his new home is safe and permanent.
Some things to work on would be jumping when greeting people he loves; curbing barking when bored or when his food isn’t served fast enough; ensuring his exercise and enrichment needs are met to limit excitability.

Walter is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and in good health. No cats. Kids 12+. He weighs 57 lbs. and is 5+ years old.

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