Yuka (a.k.a. Yukita Banana, Bébé Banane, and plenty of other nonsense nicknames) passed away on January 28, 2020.

Initially from the streets of Cairo, she was adopted by her loving family who later brought her to Montreal. Eventually, she came to me at the age of 13. Obviously used to being adored, Yuka quickly won me over. My muse (inspiring the design of a hand knitted sock pattern), my bunkmate (the day I brought home my new bed she dragged hers below it and claimed her space from the first night, serenading me with gentle snores), Yuka the globetrotter was happiest staying close to home in her senior years. Slow walks to enjoy winter sunlight, slow sniffs to appreciate each blade of summer grass, she reminded me of the importance of a moment in time.

Thoughts of her fill me with love, laughter, gratitude, but above all, a sense of honour to have been able to share part of Yuka’s life.

I am so very lucky.