DOES IT GET CUTER THAN THIS?  Skippy is a 1+ year old, 6 lb. Bichon.

Although a little frightened when he firsts meets people, Skippy usually warms up pretty quickly with some yummy treats. He will need a little more work on socialization, especially when new people come into the house. He hasn’t yet been exposed to a lot of new situations.

He is a very active little guy despite his diminutive size and would love another young dog in the home to play with. He loves his walks and outdoors is friendly with everyone he meets on the street, dogs big and small and even people. However, he does not do well in the car so only infrequent or necessary car rides for him. He loves his toys, particularly his chew toys. Skippy is affectionate and loves hanging out on a human lap or cuddling on the sofa.

He is pipi pad trained (or newspaper) but will do his business outside when taken out regularly. He is a fussy eater and needs some work getting him to eat more willingly. He likes different foods at different times and prefers to eat out of his special dish.

An ideal home for this boy would be an experienced family, with another young, active dog in a house  (no apartment or condos) with a securely-fenced yard (no swimming pool), someone home a large part of the day and kids 12 plus. Skippy is vaccinated and sterilized.