Max is a 6 year old German Shepherd mix, who has been with the same couple for most of his life. Their baby has emerged into an active toddler who now walks and runs around the house and Max is not impressed. Totally heartbroken, the parents have to make the tough decision to re-home Max for his happiness and the child’s safety.

This 60 lb. beauty is a pretty cool guy. He likes a routined life around people who adore him and who give him the time, patience, exercise and affection that he requires and craves. Max is quite the athlete, both a speed runner and a superb ball retriever. For the most part he is super with other dogs at the dog park (he goes daily), but anxious when on leash and meeting other dogs. He is scared of cats and retreats when he meets one.

He is smart, knows many commands and can be trusted when left alone in house free (no food on the counters s.v.p.). He does not like crates nor baby gates. He has lived in an apartment and only barks when strangers come to the door. Max is anxious at first in new circumstances but does warm up quickly.

The best match for Max would be a couple with no children, in a house with a fenced yard if possible and no other pets.

Max will do best as the one and only in the home. He is housetrained, neutered, and up to date on vaccines.