This Yorkie and we-don’t-know-what-else mix is a loving and affectionate tyke. He is happy to walk, happy to be quiet with his enrichment toys and happy to hang out on the back of your chair while you’re working. Moose is great with other dogs of all sizes but especially loves dogs his own size; he can play a little rough but can take as much as he gives! He is housetrained, crate-trained and will use a pee pad in inclement weather. Moose, true to his name, loves food particularly fruits and veggies during his training sessions.

Overall Moose is a smart, hard-working, wonderful dog. He has shown unease in a few situations; like brisk movements and sharing his toys with other dogs. He has been working with a trainer on his resource guarding and is now great with trade-ups (exchange), scatter feeding, “give”, leave it” and will come away when called. Moose requires folks with patience to build trust and to respect his space when he needs it, must have previous dog experience and continue to offer structure and to follow his training protocols.

Moose is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Adult family only. No cats! Another confident dog his speed would be great. He is 7 years old.

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