On someone’s steps I found a mother cat with another 2 kittens. They were stunning with their Silver fur that seemed to sparkle in the moonlight.

No open doors nearby, well maybe the little family wanted some night air, and will go back to their home soon enough.

Went home and forgot about them. Forgot about them, HAHAHAH
Fate played a funny trick on me.

2 nights later they were still on the street, Nasty abuse HUH!

So I started cat hunting to find them. Daylight the cats vanish, night time there they are.

First rule get their attention, Second give food. Man they could eat.

They did not listen at all. Cats come to me to eat some time, then go away for a few days.

Except now when they came they bought another mother and her 2 kittens. So 2 mothers and 5 kittens now. I try to re-build trust with them, cause they seemed to forget when they were away from me that I was 1 of the good ones.

This dragged on for months literally. But the sad thing was I noticed kittens were disappearing during this time.

Then a mother disappeared along with remaining kittens except 1. We now have 1 mother and 1 kitten on the street.

It was a female kitten. Watched her one evening across the street. Thought nuts. Its in the minus 20s now. So I run after her, she was cold, easy catch.
She was scared and would always hide when I came in the room, but eventually figured out that when I was there eating was good.

Gerdy’s came through, showed a true generosity of spirit I had never seen before.
They did not question, The kitten whose name is SARA was neutered, vaccinated and de-wormed

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