Hello there !

This is Ricky (a former Gerdy dog) just checking in to say “Good day !”

Sono (left in red is also a former Gerdy dog) with sister Bailey (middle) and Ricky on the left.

Ricky and Sono… such great Gerdy-brothers today, so good to each other.

Ricky, Bailey and Sono

Sono and Bailey

Just an update on our little family… we are really doing well. We recently went for a photo shoot for the upcoming holiday season. Our photographer (Lola Bourget) couldn’t stop complimenting these 3 pup-star models. All 3 furbabies behaved so well and would easily strike a pose. It was the easiest photo shoot ever… we had several costume changes and treats in between, too. Lol.

We are so in love with our 3 little ones, every day our love manages to grow even more for them. Life is grand.

Keep up the great work Gerdy and Team because your hard work is so very appreciated by all. Blessings !

Fern and family.