Hello Gerdy’s!

Greetings from Anne and Bearz (formerly Pico)!

Wanted to let you know that Bearz and I now live in Ottawa, where we have a beautiful home in a great neighbourhood. Bearz enjoys his downstairs doggy salon and private backyard. He graciously entertains family and friends and tries not to nip their feet too much! We also have fun on the nearby trails and fields, where Bearz gets to run off leash – quite the change from living in the Plateau! And just so we can contain some of our natural exuberance, we also have found a great training facility, where we recently completed our beginner’s obedience course – not too shabby for us “seniors”! Next month we start a scent detection course, which I think Bearz will really enjoy – he’s a smart one.

On a sadder note, we said goodbye to our lovely friend Maya (adopted from the SPCA) before leaving Montreal in the spring. At 12 years of age, my Maya made her way to the rainbow bridge, where I know we will see her again. We miss her quite a bit but Bearz and I are enjoying taking on the world just the two of us!

Hope all is well at Gerdy’s and thanks again for your work and for a great companion.