Blake, a 10-month golden retriever, is a lovely boy. Blake entertains himself rolling in the grass, finding sticks, spending hours chomping on his chew toys or carrying a random sock in his mouth. He is a fun dog to have around, is quite smart and highly treat motivated, so learning new commands comes easily. He is learning to exchange objects that he acquires for a treat. He has learned the word bedtime and willingly takes himself to his doggy bed.

Blake loves meeting new people and is super excited to greet visitors but if ignored the first few minutes of their arrival, he will settle down. He is easily startled by sudden loud noises and is learning to befriend the vacuum cleaner. He is not a big barker.

His foster parents are working on his leash walking skills and his housetraining, and he is getting better every day. To date Blake hasn’t met a lot of other dogs since he was recently neutered and has had to have limited playtime. We have no history with children so we recommend kids 14+. Blake loves to be around his humans and will make a great buddy for a family that has the time and patience to work with this large puppy (already 60+ lbs), who has had a rough start. Blake was abandoned by his owners at 9 months because of a new baby in the home and they no longer had time for him.

When Blake’s hips were x-rayed by our vets, they have seen a moderate bilateral hip dysplasia, as is so common in Golden Retrievers, our surgeon has said that there is nothing to do right now but to limit extreme exercise and jumping. Until he is full grown, we won’t know if the dysplasia will progress or if he will live a happy normal live as is.

Blake is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

A house with a fenced-in yard, someone home part of the day, and children over 14 are imperative.

We will not respond to applications that do not match our requirements.

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.