This father and son duo were surrendered when their person moved into a nursing home. Clearly pre-loved they are affectionate, up for cuddles anytime that you are willing, and will fight for a place on your lap. Chico may be a bit apprehensive when first meeting someone new but with minutes he is fine and ultimately, they love everyone.

They are great friends, quite rambunctious and love to rough house and to run around the yard chasing each other as well as birds, squirrels and rabbits. Punky pulls on the lash and needs some work with leash walking, but they love to be outdoors.

Dad Chico is 6 years old and Punky is 5. Although younger, Punky seems to be the boss and he leads the way. They are ok to be left alone together but are unhappy when separated from each other. They have not been in a car much and may need a few more road trips to get them accustomed. They were great at our groomer’s.

Because their owner was unwell recently they have been less active and are a bit chunky and can each lose a few lbs. With portion control and a renewed exercise regime, they will be svelte in no time.

They are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

Here’s what they need:

-a forever home together

-a diet

-a secure fenced yard. If a swimming pool it must be fenced separately

-an active family or person

-children 13+ as they have no history of living with kids and are strong on leash

-a dog savvy cat might work

-someone who works from home or is present at least half of the day.


If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.