Two-year-old Cooper has all the endearing qualities of a typical Chi. He is cute, smart, affectionate, and obsessed with his people, but he prefers women. He loves to walk, loves to cuddle and was great with the kids in his home. He is nervous at first around new people but then warms up and asks to be petted. His happiest place is on someone’s lap being fussed over. He will be a great pal for any small dog, sharing his playtime and couch time.

Cooper’s crate is like his “cave” as he enjoys the coziness in there with a blanket over the top. He sleeps in it and goes in when his people are not home. He loves his walks and does his business outside, but will also use pee pads if not taken out often enough.

Cooper is a little chubby at 10 lbs. and should lose a pound or two. We are asking that applicants live in houses only, no condos or apartments as he can be vocal. He is an escape artist and will need a very secure fenced yard as his playground. He should be with another dog.

Cooper is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

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