Cooper is a 7 year old, 65 lb. male, chocolate lab. There are many great things about Cooper but being strong and leash reactive when he sees other dogs it has been very difficult for his family to re-home him. His family has moved from a home with a yard into a condo where there are too many dogs in the building and in the area.

Cooper is generally good-natured, affectionate and loyal. He does very well one on one, even with children. Although extremely reactive to other dogs when on leash, he walks well with a Halti. He does well in doggy day care and with structure and routine. He responds very well to positive reinforcement, and knows many commands.

Cooper needs a safe and caring environment with experienced dog people who “get him” and who will not veer out of his comfort zone. His triggers are predictable, but need to be respected.

He is in great health, neutered and vaccinated.

No dogs or cats. No condos duplexes or apartments. A single family dwelling with a securely fenced yard s.v.p.

If you think that you may be a match for Cooper, please call directly to his owner.

LOLA 514-570-7181