Hobo was was found dying in a shack behind a house in the middle of nowhere over a week ago. He was brought to Montreal as a potential for TOGO which trains dogs as emotional support dogs. Unfortunately he did not make the cut as he is too dependent on his humans. There is nowhere appropriate for him to go right now.

Here is some info about him:
– Male +/- 18 months
– Sterilized
– Temperament; Happy go lucky, loves everyone, calm at home, but energetic and very enthusiastic at times
– No resource guarding
– Curious with cats but does not show signs of prey drive
– Super on leash: no reactivity, nice in stores, cafes, etc.
– A1 with all dog encounters, on or off leash
– Met children and everything went really well

He is beginning to be able to “step back”— he stopped following his foster all over the house at all times. Calmer with just a Kong and a quiet place, he is improving every day. He will need a human presence to be able to start feeling less insecure about being “left”. He fears crates. Hobo can face all the challenges in the world as long as he has a friendly human by his side! The family who adopts it will be incredibly lucky.


If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.