Meet the new and improved Dahlia and what a sweetheart she has become!
Dahlia’s first 12 years were very sad ones; she lived in a home where she had food, water and litter and that is it. No love, no cuddles, no petting, no play, absolutely no interaction whatsoever. As a result, she lived in a cupboard and came out at night to eat, use the litter and return to her lonely existence in the cupboard. 
Her people were moving and decided to bring her Berger Blanc to be euthanized, when a kindly neighbour asked if she could have her. She then called Gerdy’s and a whole new world opened up for this tiny 5 pound little girl with a broken heart.
After being brought up to date on all vaccines, wee Dahlia was placed in one of Gerdy’s ‘special’ fosters. We say special because this foster has a special way with traumatized cats. After six weeks, Dahlia is now sitting on her lap, watching movies and asking for cuddles; the cupboard is place of the past.
Dahlia is now ready for a permanent loving home. She must be the only animal and the home should be calm. We don’t think that she will do well with children and she will be timid at first. 
If you are patient and understanding and willing to give Dahlia time to trust and love you, you will be rewarded tenfold by the gratitude and affection of a tiny black cat who has finally learned what love is all about.

Please inquire only by email:

If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.