Precious Domino struggled to keep himself alive all winter with the help of a kind woman who fed him and put out a heated shelter. He was too afraid to come close to humans but by the end of winter, he allowed himself to be petted and finally ,very gingerly, entered her home.

The vet said he is approximately 2 and a half years old and in great health. He is neutered and up to date on all vaccines. His foster mom says that although he was shy at first, he has warmed up to her and comes regularly for head scratches and tummy rubs. 

He is beginning to get along with her other cats but still hisses and runs away occasionally. He is curious about the small dogs in the home but is not aggressive towards them at all. 

Once Domino becomes comfortable in his new home, there is no doubt that he will become even more affectionate than he is now, and his foster mom believes that he may even become a lap cat.  He does seem to prefer women, perhaps because it was a woman who fed him all winter.  Domino enjoys interactive play and his favorite toy dangles from the end of a stick held by a human. Could you be that human? If you are, you won’t be disappointed!

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