Paralyzed in his back legs at 12 weeks old from a bizarre bacteria, Enzo is our hero and a miracle boy. The owners of this Rottie puppy had to surrender him as his prognosis was gloomy and the expenses for his care to investigate a future for him were overwhelming and out of reach for them. Gerdy’s stepped in and made a commitment to go the distance to see what could be done to give Enzo a future,

Specialists, MRI’s, medications, physiotherapy and hydra therapy 3x/week, committed fosters and above all Enzo’s will and determination to survive resulted in a dog that now walks on leash, plays frisbee, and plays endlessly with his big dog bro Boss.

Thank you Darlene and Chris for going the distance literally and figuratively with this champ. Thank you for stepping up and honouring us and showering Enzo with your love, your coaching, your focus on his well-being. And thank you for adopting him on his first birthday and ensuring him a secure, caring and loving forever home.