This one-eyed sassy senior lady keeps being overlooked. It’s her turn now! Her foster parents are expecting their own human bundle of joy very soon and being around with the commotion and disturbance of a newborn is not what’s best for Frankie.

This beautiful 12 year old girl has been through so much. Frankie arrived at her foster home sick and broken, inside and out. With patience, love and great vet care, she blossomed into a beautiful queen and deserves royal treatment. Frankie has a sparkly personality, although she can be vocal and a little stubborn she is also very unique, lovely and adorable. For sure she isn’t for everyone, but we believe that a fun, understanding, experienced and stable home is out there for her.

Frankie loves to play with toys, roam around in the yard, go for walks and take long naps. Despite her being 12 years old, she has the energy of a much younger pup and can be a handful for someone expecting her to act like a senior dog. Not so much of a lapdog, she will enjoy a petting session from time to time, on her terms, but she will seek proximity and will choose to stay close to her humans.

She can be fearful when meeting new people and could snap if she feels threatened by them. She’s not a fan of high energy dogs, kids, loud noises, deep voices or sharing her toys and food. This strong, independent girl would prefer to be the only pet in the house and the center of attention, BUT she has learned to share her space with a senior large breed, super patient dog brother and she completely ignores a cat that ignores her back.

She will benefit from a structured routine in a home where she can have her designated space to retreat to if need be. She has great communication skills and will bark to express her needs and wishes, or alert her humans if she thinks that someone’s at the door.

She can stay alone at home during normal work hours but must be in an adult only home as she’s not at all ok with kids. She is housetrained and pee pad trained, but can have accidents when she visits a new place. Her new family will have to be comfortable administering daily eye drops in her remaining eye. Otherwise very healthy, our special girl impatiently awaits you.

Adopt a senior, it is so rewarding!


If interested, please CONTACT US and we will forward a questionnaire.